It’s important that you don’t just choose any financing organization when you’re looking for an equipment leasing firm to work with.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind, as you search for the right business partner for equipment leasing.

One point of contact

When you’re considering prospective candidates for your equipment leasing partner, you should find out who will be managing your account if you become a customer with a given company. You’ll be much happier if your account is handled by a single individual, because that person will be familiar with your history, and can make all communications much more effective. When your account is passed around between numerous individuals at the lending firm, you’ll end up spending a lot of time familiarizing each one of those people with your account history.

Specialization in your industry

One of the most important factors to look for when searching for an equipment leasing partner is to find a firm that is familiar with your industry, and has done equipment leasing with other companies in your market. This will allow the lender to be familiar with issues relevant to your specific industry, so they will have an understanding of the role of all equipment needed. They will also know about any ups and downs your particular industry is experiencing, so they can be more understanding when dealing with payments, etc.

Simplified process

Having a simplified process for equipment leasing can make a world of difference when you are going through the leasing procedure. This makes it important that you check out your candidate’s website, and to personally talk with representatives from the company. This will help you to find out about their approval requirements, payment schedules, processing speed, and any other important issues related to the equipment leasing process. Don’t be bashful about having extended conversations, so you can find out about their rates and any other factors which would make them a good fit as an equipment leasing partner for your company.

Equipment leasing with Goldendale Capital 

If your business is in need of financing for equipment leasing, we may be able to provide the needed financial assistance. Contact us at Goldendale Capital with any inquiries you may have about financing – we are always prepared to help small businesses.