Being part of a startup is an exciting time, but it can also be hard to know what to expect.

This article aims to solve that problem by looking at common experiences during a startup journey.

Deciding on Financing

Every startup needs financing. An important choice business owners must make early on is whether to rely on outside investors or on a method called bootstrapping. Outside investors can come in the form of friends, family, angel investors, and firms that specialize in providing financing for new businesses. Bootstrapping involves funding the company directly through the money it makes from customers. Outside investors can help a business get up and running more quickly, while bootstrapping allows the company owners to maintain more control.

Filling Out Paperwork

Though it may not be the most exciting part of launching a startup, paperwork is a huge component of the process, according to Paperwork you should expect along the way includes contracts, measures to set up your business entity from a legal standpoint, and non-disclosure agreements to protect your ideas.

Building a Culture

It is important to start building your company’s culture from its earliest days as a startup. This will help employees fit in more naturally, help head off problems, and give you a framework for handling problems when they do arise.

Questions to ask yourself about your startup’s culture include:

• How laid back will the work environment be? 

• What core values and qualities should potential and current employees have? 

• What steps will the company take to provide work-life balance? 

• How collaborative will decision making be?  


No two startups will follow identical paths. However, by researching and deciding on the right source of financing, being ready to have your paperwork in order, and building a healthy culture from the start, you will make your new company’s path much clearer.

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