Business travel differs from recreational travel in that it usually involves a more stringent schedule with commitments to other people that you must follow through on. It becomes more important that you know about the little ways that you can save time when traveling, whether at the airport, at the hotel, or before you even leave home. Here are a few ways to begin traveling like the business professional that you are.

Stick With One Airline and Hotel Chain

When possible, only fly with one airline and stay with one hotel chain. The reason for this is because you can start accumulating frequent customer perks such as access to VIP lounges, priority check-in, and access to faster wi-fi. Keep in mind that some hotels go by different names but are owned by the same parent company, so inquire whether your frequent customer status can be transferred between the hotels. 

Avoid Peak Travel Dates

Avoiding the most popular days of the week to travel will not only save you money, but time as well since lines for things like food and rideshares at the airport and hotel will be much shorter. Weekends and holidays are usually considered the peak times for traveling, while the middle of the week is slower. When on business travel you likely won’t have a lot of say on the specific dates that you travel, but if you do, keep this in mind. 

Dine at Local Favorites

Not only is dining at a local establishment more interesting than dining at the same chain restaurant you are already used to, they are also less likely to be crowded with other travelers. Ask locals such as your cab driver if they have any recommendations for places to eat. If you are particularly impressed with a place, make a note to take a colleague or client there the next time you are in town. 

Be Aware of Travel Deductions

Especially important for a new business traveler, getting to know which items your company allows as a travel deduction before your travels will save you time when traveling and deciding which receipts you need to have itemized or which receipts you need to keep at all. Keeping good track of your expenses while on the road will save time and hassle when you get back home as well. 

Keep these general tips in mind to have a great business travel experience.