Transportation of people and goods is essential in a wide variety of settings. Once driverless cars/trucks and drone delivery come to pass, you could still participate in the transportation industry, in a slightly different manner.

In the meantime, let these ideas for starting a profitable new business in the transportation industry (hands on, or with a team of employees) inspire you:  

Chauffeur or Limo Driver Service 

Serve regular folks for special occasions or offer celebrity transport, depending on your preference and where you choose to live/work. You might start by driving a single limousine yourself and expand to a fleet with hire drivers (employees or independent contractors).


As an owner/operator, subcontract driver, or company owner who employs truckers, you could take part in a popular transportation industry business. Large startup costs and/or willingness to live a mobile lifestyle are challenges (or advantages, depending upon your resources and point of view). 


A moving company could be a viable, in-demand option, since people are more mobile now than ever, with most changing jobs multiple times throughout life, heading off to college or downsizing/retiring, etc. Check the competition carefully and make sure you can offer something unique. 

Peer-to-Peer Taxi

Sign up for Lyft and/or Uber (and/or their competitors) for an instant business. As an independent contractor, you will need to cover auto maintenance, gas, etc. (That is, unless laws take an unlikely turn, making drivers into employees.) Do some local research to determine what drivers are making in your area, after overhead and fees to the ride-share company, to determine if this is worth your while. 

Bike Rentals 

You could start a bike-sharing concession in a college town, major city’s downtown or tourist area, where cars are not practical or allowed.

Home Transporter 

An interesting subsection of the transport business involves moving homes to new property locations, or transporting manufactured homes (or sections thereof), to new property. You’ll need training, and of course, proper insurance and business license for this and most of the transport business examples here. 

Small Plane or Helicopter Transport

You could transport cargo, supplies or people to difficult-to-reach locations, for hunting expeditions or adventure vacations.  

Boat Shipper (Delivery)

Delivering boats to new owners by sea, or on a trailer over land, is an interesting area of specialty in the transport niche. If you’re willing to purchase the right truck and trailer, or have sailing skills, you might consider this business. 

Senior Driver Service 

Elderly individuals who no longer drive still have places they need to go, including grocery errands, medical appointments and more. If you serve lower income seniors, grant funding or charitable sponsorships are possible if you choose to start a non-profit.

Horse or Cattle Transporting 

To inspire confidence, you’ll need experience handling these animals, including care skills and logistic arrangements. If you prefer, you could hire a vet tech and/or cattle-experienced driver to do this work for you. 

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