Some people who work in the real estate field are perfectly keeping their focus on keeping home buyers or sellers happy. These services are always in demand, as there are always people moving in and out of communities and others like to upgrade.

But within the general real estate field there’s a specialty that requires more vision and higher levels of skills.

Real estate development goes beyond basic property transactions to putt a larger plan together, which could include everything from commercial shopping centers to apartments to mixed uses.

As expected, these projects require more of an financial investment to get off the ground, but there’s also often high potential for future returns. It also could potentially take years for a project to be fully built out, while a home transaction can sometimes be finalized in less than a month.

But people seriously interested in real estate development are able to balance the potential challenges  with the possible opportunities. They are able to put complex deals together to everyone’s satisfaction.

Some of the useful qualities for doing well in real estate development include:


Every project is unique in terms of space, goals, and community. It’s the role of a good developer to come up with different ways to market the development and gather investors. This can include coming up with visual materials that can appeal to potential buyers. 

Ability to take risks well

With bigger money and resources on the line compared to traditional residential, there’s always a possibility that something will go wrong, likely in big ways. Being risk-tolerant can be useful and even helpful in trying to predict where weak links can be, and also inspire confidence. 

Solving problems

When things go wrong, it helps to have someone ready to figure out ways to repair whatever broke, literally or figuratively. This will improve everyone’s confidence. 


All those in the real estate development community are encouraged to network and seek out opportunities to work positively with everyone, from peers in the business to potential customers.  

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