Referrals and Brokers Welcome

At Goldendale Capital we happily welcome referrals and brokers of all types. We offer a variety of benefits in our referral and broker program, including:

  • Reciprocal referrals to keep your clients coming back to you
  • Protection letters and upfront fee disclosure
  • Excellent rates and commissions no matter your project size
  • Continuing high quality relationships with our expert staff

To find out more, contact our office today. One of our commercial financial consultants can get your referral process started so you can offer quick cash to your client.

Come Join Our Team

With our nationwide presence, Goldendale Capital has regional sales positions open across the United States. We are always on the lookout for eager team members with a desire for excellence. Here are some other qualities we require for you to join our referral and broker program.

  • Organized: You can guide clients through the sales process without getting sidetracked
  • Confident: You have a strong believe in yourself that carries you through rejection
  • Motivated: You are driven to complete your tasks and handle your responsibilities
  • Friendly: You can make others feel at ease and desire to be in your presence
  • Funny: You know how to use humor to strengthen relationships with clients

Working at Goldendale Capital means we’re always there to help you succeed. We understand that you want to make the most out of your career and we’ll do everything we can to promote your goals. Here are some of the benefits of joining our team.

  • A continuing commitment to enriching your future and promoting your career
  • Excellent commission that reflect your hard work and dedication
  • Access to versatile lending capabilities to provide your clients with quick turnaround
  • A team of talented and skilled professionals focused on helping you help your clients

To find out more, contact our office today. You can speak with someone directly or send us your resume.