There are a number of ways that the stress of being productive at work can be managed, and if you can incorporate a few of these productivity tips into your daily routine, you’ll probably find that you get a lot more done in the course of a day. When these productivity tips become ingrained as part of your everyday business approach, you’ll find yourself being much more productive, and much less stressed.

Get the hardest things done first

When you keep putting off the hardest single task on your agenda, it can make you much less effective at all the smaller ones you do tackle. You’re much better off to meet that difficult task head on right away, so all the lesser tasks will seem like a breeze afterward.

Set aside email time

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted throughout the day by phone calls, emails, and text messages. Set aside a specific time of day to handle all these at once, and then ignore them the rest of the day, so you can get some actual work done.

Use a day planner

You should get into the habit of formalizing all your tasks for the upcoming day and for tomorrow, by writing them down in a day planner. There’s something about writing things down which makes them seem more real and more immediate as activities to be done. If you have nothing more formal than a number of obligations floating around in your head, you’re much more likely to have a casual approach toward accomplishing them.

Match tasks to your body rhythms

You should know when your body is at its most energetic, as well as when you’re typically dragging a little. Make a point of tackling more difficult tasks when you’re really energized, and setting aside easier tasks for when you’re a bit more lethargic. If you attempt a major task after a big lunch for instance, you might find yourself dozing, or lacking sufficient energy to accomplish the task.

Align tasks with values

If tasks on your agenda don’t align with your important core values, then consider whether or not you should even be doing them. When you do have tasks aligned with those values you consider important, you’ll feel much better about what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day.

Other boosts to business productivity

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