Good customer service involves a lot more than just being friendly to clients of your business establishment. You might be able to sell something to a person one time, but real customer service involves having those same customers come back, again and again. Here are some ways that you can achieve the level of customer service that builds relationships with the people whom you do business with.

Listen to your customers

You shouldn’t worry so much about making your sales pitch to a customer, or delivering any kind of prepared speech that might increase sales. To build relationships with customers, you have to start by truly listening to what they’re saying. When a customer begins to believe that you really care about their issues and their needs, they’ll be more likely to want to do business with you.

Be helpful whether it’s advantageous or not

Being helpful is always a good practice with regard to your customers, but it can be a lot more impressive when there is no immediate benefit to you or your business. If you go out of your way to help someone even when there’s no chance of making a sale that day, it’s likely that the person will remember you sometime when they are interested in making a purchase. Building up customer relations is priceless, and being helpful without obtaining any advantage will demonstrate your commitment to customers.

Promise only what you can deliver on

Promises may sound pretty impressive on the spur of the moment, but if you can’t deliver on those promises, you’ve lost any value there was to be gained. In fact, not delivering on promises is one of the best ways of building up negative equity – a customer will remember that your empty promises went unfulfilled, and take their business elsewhere next time.

Customer Service from Goldendale Capital

We take customer relations very seriously at Goldendale Capital, and you’ll find that out from the first moment of contact with us. Whatever your business financing needs may be, contact us at Goldendale Capital so we can show you how we give all our clients the red carpet treatment.