A positive office environment is a huge ingredient in the recipe for a productive business. Read on to find out some ways to help nurture one at your own company.

Positively Reinforce Employees

Employees who only hear from you when you think they did something wrong will likely begin to feel discouraged. Take time to praise employees for their successes. Specifically highlight things they did well, why you enjoy working with them, and what they bring to the team. Try beginning praise with phrases like “I appreciated how you solved …” and “You were key to this project because …”

Honor Work/Life Balance

Another key to a positive office environment is letting employees spend enough time out of it—that is, supporting their work/life balance. According to Forbes.com, it is important to “openly respect employees as more than simple work resources.” A big part of that is letting employees go home when their scheduled workday is over, avoiding last-minute tasks that pile up extra hours, and honoring vacation requests and sick leave when requested.

Provide Autonomy

While every office environment needs some level of management and oversight, too much of it can create stifled, resentful employees. Avoid micromanaging employees and coworkers, and instead encourage them to work on their goals under their own volition. This shows both trust and confidence, leading to a more positive office environment. (At the same time, always provide a listening ear and a helping hand if requested.)

Encourage Physical Activity

Light physical exercise can be both a mood booster and a way to break up the workday, increasing productivity and happiness once employees return. Look for ways to sneak in exercise, especially if you work at an office job that would otherwise involve eight hours a day in a chair. Options include walking meetings and allowing your employees to have gear such as standing desks and fitness balls, if they desire. 

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