Successful leadership means that employees trust you. Building trust with employees isn’t always easy. It takes time. Your actions have to match your words. It’s important to be honest and transparent about your business, which can be difficult for many entrepreneurs. If you typically play your cards close to the vest, you might want to change your ways.

Here are some tips to build trust with your team.

Share Your Vision and Goals

When you share your goals for the business, your team can get behind you and help you reach those goals. Make team member’s goals compatible with your business goals to have everyone on the same page.

Communicate With Your Team

Share information as freely as you can. When you do get a question that you may not be ready to answer, be honest about that. Let your team know that you will provide answers when you can. Follow through.

Follow Through With Your Promises

When you make commitments to your team, follow through. Do what you say you will.

Involve Employees in Change

When you decide to make changes in the business, get your team involved and engaged. Don’t just make sweeping changes without talking it over with the people who will be affected. Change is difficult when you don’t feel as if you have control. Give your team some control over their destiny when possible.

Ask for Feedback from Your Team

Not only should you be getting feedback, you should be using that feedback to make improvements in your organization. Give credit to team members who make positive changes.

Live By Your Values

Let your team see you living by the values you talk about. If you purport to be a family-friendly business to your customers, make sure your team knows that you value their time with their families.

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