Recruiting employees can be frustrating and time consuming. You may feel as if there aren’t enough good candidates.

Here are 6 reasons that good candidates may not be obvious.

Internal Candidates

You may overlook talent that is right under your nose because an employee does so well at a particular job. It’s much easier to hire from within, especially when you track success in your current pool of employees and make plans for people who intend to retire.

Introverted Candidates

Extroverted candidates are more fun to interview. They’re enthusiastic and stand out through the process. But don’t overlook someone who is introverted and quiet. Introverted people are usually patient and thoughtful, simply without the unreservedness of an extrovert.

Diverse Candidates

It’s common to want to hire people that look like you. You may not even realize you have unconscious biases. Get with your HR department when recruiting to learn how to be objective when making selections. Check your biases when hiring.

Passive Candidates

Many professionals are comfortable in a position and aren’t looking to make a change. You will have to reach out to talent when you’re recruiting to make them aware of your brand.

Referred Candidates

Your employees know people who might fit into your company culture. Most small businesses don’t have an employee referral program. Asking your current pool of employees for referrals can boost your reach into the hiring pool and get you some great candidates with good references.

The Ideal Candidate

Holding too fast to a specific idea of what you want in a candidate may blind you to others who could fit into the team. Identify specific characteristics that you need in a candidate, but critically analyze others who could be taught to perform certain tasks and duties.

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