Your Practice Can Grow With Our Help

Financing a healthcare practice takes reliable working capital, that’s why Goldendale Capital is here to provide your practice with healthcare financing you can count on. We provide financing that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as debt consolidation, practice acquisition and medical equipment leasing.

Reduce Stress When You Consolidate Your Debt

Making multiple payment to lenders in one month requires extra time and can cause undue stress. When you consolidate your debt with Goldendale Capital, you can reduce these payments to one, low monthly obligation. Qualifying practices may even receive a lower interest rate than was previously being paid.

Grow Your Practice With an Acquisition

Expanding your practice can take the form of an acquisition or buying out a partner. Either way, you’ll need some healthcare financing to seal the deal. At Goldendale Capital, we can offer 100% financing to qualified medical professionals.

Pay for Equipment Purchases and Leases

Medical equipment is often expensive and the periodic technology updates can make buying new equipment difficult. We offer multiple payment options and may even be able to cover up to 50% of your soft costs.

Find Out More Right Now

Contact our office if you have any questions or want to get started on a loan application. Our expert financial advisors can help you with whatever you need.