Aircraft Financing

Funding up to $50 Million and Beyond!

Whether you are handling single piston planes, passenger jets, or anything in between, Goldendale Capital offers the most comprehensive aircraft financing in the industry. Investing in corporate aircraft can increase productivity for a business while simultaneously lowering travel expenses. Goldendale Capital provides both loans and leases for personal use, private corporate places, charter aircraft, helicopters, and even jets for larger commercial purposes. Our aircraft financing program can also be used for avionics upgrades and the acquisition of older aircraft.

Our Aircraft Financing Program Includes:

  • Loan amounts ranging from $100,000 to $100,000,000+
  • Low fixed rates based on credit and financials for Part 91 use
  • Floating rates tied to LIBOR are available
    Non-recourse, asset-based loans available for $1.5 million and up
  • Financing for Part 135 charter use
  • No age restriction on piston aircraft
  • Financing available for some older jets
  • Funding available for helicopters and experimental aircraft
  • Financing for avionics upgrades
  • Specific financing available for international deals