Gain Security With Accounts Receivable Financing

Operating a small business is not a simple job. One of the most difficult parts of this challenge is dealing with unexpected expenses that can pop up suddenly. That is why Goldendale Capital offers accounts receivable financing. This special type of small business loan can act as a safety net. It is designed to have a very short processing time and a simple application so you can get the working capital you need as fast as possible. Plus, it is easy to qualify for and one of the safest types of financing available. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Simple application
  • No fixed payments
  • More flexible options

If you think your business could benefit from financing receivables, turn to Goldendale Capital.

How it Works

Accounts receivable financing essentially lets you get paid for your invoices instantly. Using them as collateral, we provide you with their value in working capital. This allows you to tackle whatever expenses immediately to keep your business operational. Then, when it is time for your clients to pay their invoice, we collect from them instead. This has the added benefit of making it nearly impossible to accumulate debt. Learn more about how you can benefit from financing receivables and how Goldendale Capital can help your business succeed.