Keeping employees happy in the office goes a long way towards employee retention and productivity. Your office environment can keep employees coming back day after day happy to work. Here are some of the ways you can boost your office environment.


Have a tidy workspace where staff can find office supplies and paper. Make sure your office isn’t cluttered. Keep electronic information available. Use an app that tracks projects. Have good time management skills.

Make your office comfortable

Your staff needs comfortable chairs and sturdy desks to work effectively. But you need to provide good lighting, ventilation and heat and air. Update the paint and carpet periodically to show you care about their space.

Listen to your employees

Find out what would make them more comfortable. Give your staff a say in the day-to-day operations that affect them. Hear their concerns and ideas.

Create community

No, a workplace is not a family, but it is a community of people who spend 40 hours a week or more together. Work to create a positive culture where everyone knows what’s expected of them. Have the hard conservations before problems become unmanageable.

Offer flexibility when possible

Instead of micro-managing schedules, let employees have some flexibility. If someone needs to take off early to get to a program one day, allow them to make up the time instead of taking PTO.

Offer education and training

Provide opportunities for your employees to learn. Find mentors in the community who can help someone on your staff hone their skills. Give them time to take classes and go to conferences. There may be an investment on your part, but the enthusiasm brought back to the office will be worth it.

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