A recent survey concluded that the vast majority of office workers feel that their companies stifle creativity and hinder their own natural innovative tendencies. Experts recommend several solutions which can help unleash that creativity in the workplace, and make workers feel more engaged.

Having a sense of purpose

It’s very important for company workers to have a clear idea about why they’re working for a particular company, because it contributes toward engagement, and that impacts the quality of their work. One of the biggest factors in this regard is the physical layout of a workspace, because the office design can serve to connect employees to the organization. Creative design helps to motivate employees and contribute to their sense of purpose.

Flying solo on projects

While collaboration among employees can be very important and very productive, it’s also necessary for employees to work alone occasionally, so that their own creativity can emerge. When companies provide employees with such opportunities, as well as the materials needed to do a good job on solo work, employees feel much more engaged and satisfied with their work contributions.

Flexible working arrangements

Probably the number one factor impacting employee creativity was the desire to have flexible working arrangements. The majority of participants in the survey felt they would be much more creative and much more productive, if allowed to work from home for instance, and to control the specific hours that they worked for the company. The survey made it very clear that those companies which allowed employees the freedom to work from home, were considered much more innovative than those companies which had no such options in place.

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