Work-life balance doesn’t happen without some effort on your part. Use these six tips to help you remember to enjoy life while still working hard.

  1. Stop trying to be perfect. Strive for excellence but know when perfectionism is out of reach. There comes a time when you’re just pushing yourself to be better without real productivity.
  2. Make changes to your daily habits. Delegate tasks that are stressing you out. Outsource grocery shopping or bookkeeping. Hire someone to manage your social media accounts. Free up time to allow yourself to focus on what you specialize in.
  3. Turn off your electronics. Unplug from work when you can. Be present at dinner with your family. Enjoy time with your friends without sending emails.
  4. Make time for exercise and meditation. Your physical and mental health will benefit from exercise. Meditation can help lift your mood. Start with small blocks of time if you’re really not seeing the room in your calendar. Fifteen minutes here and there can be extremely healthy.
  5. Set boundaries with time sucks. Don’t let people take up your time. Politely excuse yourself from conversations that aren’t constructive. Limit the activities that can send you into a spiral of time waste. Productivity software can help you stay off Reddit, Instagram or your favorite website.
  6. Start small. There’s a reason people fail with New Year’s resolutions. They try to tackle too much at once. Make small changes that are doable. Plan to exercise 15 minutes three times a week instead of 1 hour every day. Put one day a week to eat with family into your schedule instead of trying to make it home every night.

Work-life balance isn’t impossible, but there may be times in your life when things seem out of balance. The key is to remember that you find balance when you can. Contact Goldendale Capital for financing information.