If you’ve ever felt like you’re not getting anywhere in your business, you know how hard it is to stay motivated. It’s a difficult cycle to break. You feel frustrated, and you lack motivation. You aren’t getting anything done, so you get even more frustrated. Unfortunately, you’re the only who can break the cycle. The good news is that the cycle can be broken. Here are some motivational tips that can help you change your ways.

Identify Tasks

If you’re feeling as if you’re just spinning your wheels or not getting anything accomplished each day. Instead of making a to-do list, at the end of the week make “I got it done” list. This can help you see what you’ve been doing.

Use metrics

Use numbers to mark what you’re doing. Track sales or number of customers acquired or some other figure that can be measured. Tracking this type of information can demonstrate that you’re moving forward instead of back.

Structure your days differently

A routine might help you focus on specific tasks each day, but when it starts to feel repetitive, it’s time for a change. Make use of different skills by working on one project at a time, but in smaller chunks of time. You’ll stimulate different parts of your brain when you handle bookkeeping duties than writing. This can recharge your energy.

Get feedback

Talk to your mentor, your manager or a friend. Discuss your performance and where you’re falling short. Consider ways that you can improve. While you’re looking at where you can do better, think about what you are doing right. Feedback from someone else can put things in perspective. Maybe you’re blowing things out of proportion. Or maybe you can get better.

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