Monthly Archives: April 2019

Focus On Perfecting Your Strengths to Keep a Competitive Edge

A big part of good leadership is working with your team, which can include hopefully inspiring them to go above and beyond where they’re supposed to. Better leadership can involve things like encouragement, goal setting, and general assistance and support... Read More

6 Ways to Measure Growth for Your Small Business

There are a number of ways which business growth can be measured, and they don’t all have to do with sales volume. There are external factors of course, like sales and customer demand, but there are also some internal measures... Read More

Alternative Lending Facts for Small Business Owners Considering Loans

In the aftermath of the financial crisis just one decade ago, many traditional lenders are still very reluctant to approve loans. Fortunately alternative lending has stepped into fill the gap created, and to provide innovative financial products which can be... Read More

Using Accounts Receivable Financing for Small Businesses

Accounts Receivable financing can be very helpful to small businesses which routinely generate a number of invoices each month, that customers will have to make payments for. A factoring company may agree to purchase some or all of your businesses... Read More